Kjetil Vikene: Perception of complexity in musical rhythm in Parkinson’s disease and healthy subjects

Date and time: 26 February 2016. 15:00-16:00

Location: F1.15. ILLC. Science Park 107 (Access via the NIKHEF entrance at Science Park 105)

Speaker: Kjetil Vikene (Bergen University)

Title: Perception of complexity in musical rhythm in Parkinson’s disease and healthy subjects

Abstract: Brain areas involved in the perception and cognition of rhythms are implicated in neurological movement disorders. Robust therapeutic effects of rhythmic stimuli on movement has been shown in Parkinson’s Disease and other movement related disorders (TBI, MS, HD). In Parkinson’s – the therapeutic effect diminishes as the rhythmical stimulus increase in complexity. Also, from talking to therapists: If the Parkinson’s patient chooses their own music, the therapy is less efficient. This project sets out to examine how people with Parkinson’s disease perceives complexity in musical rhythm, using audio-surveys, neuropsychological tests, EEG and fMRI. The presentation I am giving will take you through the build up of the complete study design and present some preliminary results.